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“I would like to thank you for the service you provided with dealing with the mice we had in our kitchen. You responded very quickly to my call, and efficiently removed the problem, without any mess or disturbance. You advised us of how to prevent mice entering the kitchen, and have monitored the area to prevent any future infestation. I would happily recommend your service to anyone.
Mike Culkin, Aldershot

“Thank you for your very quick response investigating and dealing with my wasp problem quickly and efficiently. The course of action was very effective and I would certainly use your services in the future and have recommended you to friends.”
Tina King

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Also associated with Mantids, these insects (of the order Dictyoptera) have long and spikey legs and front wings are leathery. They are noctural scavengers which eat just about anything, rotting matter, paper; anything dead or non moving.

Cockroaches are quite large insects, most are normally the size of a thumbnali, but some can be much larger. The largest type is the Austrailian giant burrowing cockroach, which can be as big as 9cm long and weighs more than 30 grams.

The most common type of cockroach is the German Cockroach. It can be quite hardy and resilient against some forms of pest control.


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